Tags can be produced by different types and sizes in the form of double-sided adhesive tag to hide between the publication or behind the publication like inventory labels.

RFID tags which can be adhered to the inside or surface of the material, consists of chip and antenna. Barcode information can be printed on the RFID tag Optionaly.

Inventory ID, safety (on / off) and other necessary information is stored the tag's chip. UHF RFID reader size can be  different according to the type of material or size. Service life is much longer than barcode labels. Security process and fast counting can be done easily.



  • Operate in the UHF RFID band.
  • Comply with EPC global Gen 2 (v 1.2.0) and ISO / IEC 18000-6C standards.
  • Has high performance in UHF RFID tagging applications.


  • Can be operated at low power for reading and programming.
  • Has the appropriate antenna Working distance up to 10 mt.
  • Low-cost and using effectiveness proven EEPROM technology..
  • User memory can be encrypted with 64-bits
  • Have a pre-programmed, unique and unchangeable 64-bits serial number.


  • Double-sided adhesive can be hidden in the book with outstanding performance,
  • Behind the material in the form of inventory ID tag,
  • The different types and sizes which can be produced according to the project.
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