In barcode system, one barcode label can be read but in UHF RFID system 100 tags can be read at the same time.

UHF RFID is a younger technology than HF RFID, in aim to be used rapid inventory management that requires remote authentication, establishing the optimum cost solutions. In this sense, it generated through EPC C1G2 protocol international standards have been established. Looking at the year 2012 according to areas of UHF RFID technology has surpassed the speed of propagation 2008-2009 and HF RFID technology. UHF RFID chip can be used on materials Especially documents, files, books CDs etc. that have so many inventory require stock control. It has been a matter of preference when combined with the low cost advantages.

The inventory verification process using UHF RFID Technology  is 10 times faster than barcode or HF RFID.

Low Cost
RFID tags that using in UHF RFID technology, can produce at lower cost. In this sense, HF tags are about 2 times more expensive than UHF tags.

Available in Different Forms
UHF RFID technology can be offered different forms of RFID tags for specific material types with lower costs. Yordam RFID is able to offer 30 different kinds of tags which can be used in the libraries.

Long service life in UHF RFID tag is offered as standard with innovations that have brought the technology used. Protection factors increasing RFID tags have 50 years durable

Maximum Investment Made RFID Technology
The prevalence of usage of the UHF RFID Technology and quickly spread around the world, many tech manufacturer pushed to invest in this area.

With barcode system, only one barcode can be read but with UHF RFID system 100 tags can be read at the same time.

In barcode system reader must see the labels,  should be approximated in some circumstances. Also the data on the label have not be erased or faded. In the RFID system reader does not need to see the tags. A tag te stuck behind a box, if in the coverage area can be read very comfortable. Coverage can be increased up to 15 meters.

RFID tags at the production stage can be brought  stabilize to difficult conditions with using different materials. Operability for a long time can be provided against external influences such as hot, cold, humidity, dust etc.

Information Storage Capacity
RFID tags has a high data storage capacity starting from 96-bit up to 4 KB.

Ability to Detect High Distance
One of the biggest feature of UHF RFID Technology is distance capability perceptible a book label from 18 meters. Thanks to its adjustable detection area feature distance can be reduced up to 15 cm level.

International Standards
UHF RFID technology complies with EPC C1G2 international protocols.

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