Features of RFID Smart Library System

In the scope of the project, all fixed assets recorded and will count easily. Human-induced mistakes will be determined and minimized easily.

Books can be followed
Each book that have UHF RFID tag, will have only its own unique ID such as serial number and thereby can be followed at every level (placed on shelves, borrow return processes, including counting and control) without mixing with other books.

The book's ID can be taken without optical sight
To read the book IDs, it is not necessarily to be seen by the reader. RFID tags will be affixed to the book can be read In the scope of RFID readers (1-15 m distance) even if they overlap or side by side or dozen of them in a box.

Instant multiple counts of the books
Rather than individual counting, multiple counting is available which is much faster. When changing the place of the books, instead of manually and the individual control, can be counted multiple and instant. To prevent loss of time during the counting and control, you can count or control thousands of books in a few minutes or  tens of thousands of books in a few hours.

Minimizing the human-induced mistakes
The disappearance of the risk caused by human error, such as deficient or over count and incorrect book entry.

Mobile reader that works like a books finding detector
Mobile RFID reader can be used as a detector to find the missing books. The mobile reader giving signal when approaching the book. You can find what you need within seconds in thousands of books.

Quick access to the current counts
Count and update processes will be much shortened, so frequent checks can made books and shelves. Human-induced errors will be minimized and control mechanisms will be strengthened in missing books, incorrect placement, borrow/return process. You can instant the list of missing books or misplaced books.

Lending and returning transactions
Borrow and return operations will be reliable and a lot easier with coded and high security chips.

Without attrition
Inventory not moved for count or statistic operations. Especially the historical materials or heritages will not frazzle.

Reaching books and documents will take less time.

A person who use to the system can do the same work like many people.

A person who use to the system can do the same work like many people. So system will give a person very person's function.

Each book / document will have it's own unique ID. This ID will also be protected by an encryption algorithm which does not allow unauthorized intervention.

Under the control of a powerful system, each step will be more functional and efficient.

Smart Security System
Ensure security will become easier with verbally and / or by e-mail and message alerts that module, in the case of books should be taken out intentionally or unintentionally. Security bits of the books are changeable, so allows easy security control.

Staff / Reader records be paired with the book's movement
Who and when someone borrowed or returned which book Information can recorded in the database with UHF member cards. During the passage of the security gate, the person carrying the book can be read and recorded with the book information. This data can be source of dozens of different reports that you may need.

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