Library Automation with RFID Technology

Yordam RFID Smart Library System is a solution that increases the library's efficiency, service speed, continuity, quality of service.

Counting on the shelves of books or archive files, with the widely used bar code technology, is a difficult process that requires  labor and time. With UHF RFID technology each material have a unique electronic ID and the concept of "The difficulty of counting and control" is eliminated.

Control or re-counting processes can be made measured time in minutes for thousands materials. UHF RFID technology is a strong business partner that provides opportunities for multiple readings and remote identification. Yordam RFID Smart Library System is the first UHF RFID solution in this field which have the original structure that can operate with library automation program.

It is developed by the developing team of Yordam Library Automation Program, so the systems are fully compatible with each other.

With Yordam RFID Technology, all materials in the libraries or archives;

  • Automatic and fast loan (borrow) and return transactions,
  • Regular and quick count,
  • Easy controlled, secure entry-exit opportunity that provides easy and detailed reports,
  • Easy solution to the problem of misplacement materials, quickly find opportunity with regional search,
  • Possibility of access to book's reading and copying rate,
  • Offers powerful solutions as dozens of customizable reporting like borrow and return rates.

Problems Experienced in Libraries

  • Count operations requires a long time even if with the barcode system.
  • The problems in determining the location of a misplacement book.
  • The difficulty of finding a book which is lost.
  • Circulation difficulties.
  • Lack of control and vulnerabilities because of the staff and members entry-exit records does not maintained consistently.
  • Books can not be monitored in case of the book has been removed from it's room or unit because not getting automatic entry and exit record.



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