What is RFID Technology?

Counting on the shelves of books or archive files, with the widely used bar code technology, is a difficult process that requires labor and time. With UHF RFID technology each material have a unique electronic ID and the concept of "The difficulty of counting and control" is eliminated.

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification technology is a recognition method of  singular objects with using automatically radio frequency.

RFID is basically consists of a tag and a reader. RFID is based to data of the products storage and remote reading of smart tags with radio frequency waves. Tags can be programmed for to get the information of objects as Electronic Product Code (EPC), storage or send. Tags, that placed on the material to read by the reader the information in the chip can be saved or replaced automatically.

RFID tag occurs a silicon chip (that allows to take and answer queries made by radio frequency), antenna and coatings. The chip stores the information about objects which have the tag. The antenna transmits the object informations to the reader, using radio frequency. Coating surrounds the chip and antenna and allows to placed on an object.

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