Yordam RFID Smart Library System can use Yordam Library Automation Program's or different library automation program's (which have to supported SIP protocol) databases. It has not need extra hardware and database.
  • We offer realistic solutions; told what can be make with this technology, share with you all the challenges that need to be controlled.
  • We offer solutions that have succeeded in R&D process.
  • We give attention to details, we believe that acceptable success is in details.
  • We believe the success would be possible to focused, because of that we focused on RFID in technology field and UHF RFID in RFID field.
  • We are dedicated ourself to new ideas and unusual solutions. There is no difference between commit and perform for us.

This is Our World

  • Our goals; just for libraries and archives that our expertise areas...
  • Our dreams... Our work...  Our technology... Our Values...
  • We think new ideas, that would be workable and can add value, renew ourselves and our products continuously to interpreting our innovative approach and make applicable and add value...
  • We are working to increase the service efficiency with new technology for institutions we serve.
  • UHF RFID technology promises great improvements. We are increasing the expectations with UHF RFID opportunities and allowing extraordinary solutions.

Differences from Other Systems

  • YORDAM RFID Smart Library System can use YORDAM Library Automation Program's or different sofware's (which supported SIP protocol) databases. There is not need extra hardware and database requirements.
  • All reporting, count, statistic and current monitoring processes are working on Library Automation Program directly.
  • UHF RFID tags can be used in different shapes and sizes.
  • Between Tag and the material (books, periodicals) pairing is written on tag's chip directly. With this system inventory ID in the tag can be read even in the case deleting the inventory information at the material database.
  • Yordam RFID is a user-centered system, provider (seller) is not in the centered. This structure of the system eliminates institution's addiction to the provider.
  • We never deliver encrypted tags. The password is specified by the user before the matching tag-inventory ID process. Thus, your organization's system security have become private to you.
  • Concurrently with the lending and returning process, tag's security information is made active or passive. Thus the system not dependent on online structure.
  • Security gates can work online or offline. With this feature, in case of breakage of the connection with gates and library automation, provide offline security control. Makes audible and visual warning to materials for unauthorized removal. Inventory Ids of the removed materials, recorded on the special reader on the gates simultaneously. About fifty thousand inventory IDs can be saved in the reader's memory when working offline. When the system goes online, the information in memory transferred to the library automation program.
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